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1965 State of Michigan Public Health Department Map
of the Asylum Farm, Kalamazoo County

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bullet The State of Michigan acquired the Asylum Farm property in 1887. From 1887 to 1969 the Farm was part of the State's mental health system.  In 1969 all remaining patients and staff moved to the State Psychiatric Hospital on Oakland Drive in Kalamazoo. 

bullet The property was deeded over to Western Michigan University in 1975, and shortly afterwards any tunnels and underground structures not already sealed or demolished were dynamited, as further deterioration was making them unsafe.

bullet In 1963 the stretch of U.S. 131 between West Main Street (Kalamazoo Township) and U Avenue in Schoolcraft Village was completed.  The new highway cut through both Twelfth Street and Parkview Avenue.  The two halves of Parkview were reconnected via a freeway overpass.  The two ends of Twelfth Street both dead-ended into Parkview Avenue.  The south half of Twelfth Street was connected to Parkview Avenue just west of the overpass; the north half of Twelfth Street was renamed Drake Road. 

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Map of the Asylum Farm




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