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Stewardship:  To represent and to ensure an integrated approach for the long-term stewardship and management of Western Michigan University's architectural, environmental, and land resources, enhancing and supporting the academic, research and public functions of the university.

Communication: To build effective communication networks with various constituents, both internal and external, as Western Michigan University's responsible liaison in land use and physical planning.


Western Michigan University has the right to its own image and sense of place.  It has the right to recognize and develop that which makes it a distinctive, vital entity and, conversely, to respond to the ever-changing tides of its purpose.  The evolution of the campus has filled a "scrapbook of change", with a different page of memories for each generation of students.  The goals for campus planning at Western Michigan University must include consideration of every student's experiences, assuring that their page in the scrapbook is filled with good experiences and special memories.

portico at East Hall  History of the WMU Campus

For information on the history of WMU's physical campus - how it developed and grew - please visit our History of WMU Campus section. Contents include:

    • Current campus issues
    • Campus master plans from 1903 to present
    • Growth factors, enrollment changes, and planning decisions
    • Campus maps from 1924 to the present
    • A complete building timeline from 1903 to the present
    • Archival photographs
    • Campus facts and trivia

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